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Message from Philippa Thompson:

Thank you so much to the 16,319 people in Preseli Pembrokeshire who voted for me and for the Labour Party. A huge thank you to my hard-working Agent Katharine and to all our Labour friends and supporters who have been out and about across Preseli Pembrokeshire, knocking on doors and listening to people about what matters to them. And thank you too Facebook friends for your interest in Preseli Pembrokeshire Labour Party's journey as we strived to make this seat Labour once again. Next time...


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Welcome to Preseli Pembrokeshire Labour Party

Welcome to our constituency...

Located in South-West Wales, Preseli Pembrokeshire is a constituency made up of six branches located in the upper half of the county. Having lost their parliamentary seat to Stephen Crabb in 2005, Labour came close to regaining the seat in 2017, falling short by only 314 votes. Now one of the country’s key marginal seats, we need your help to turn Preseli Pembrokeshire red again!



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