Labour Group Achievements – Pembrokeshire County Council 2017 – 2022

Labour County Councillors have been part of a cross-party democratic coalition of progressives and moderates running Pembrokeshire County Council over the past 5 years.  For the first time, there has been a Programme of Administration that has clearly set out what this coalition wanted to achieve. We are very proud that this alliance has achieved the following, which are all based on Labour values:

  • New council homes built for the first time in very many years
  • Fighting against cuts in social care
  • Council services digitised so contact with Council services is streamlined
  • Leading on Broadband provision throughout the County in partnership with the Welsh Government and private companies
  • An end to Cleddau Bridge tolls
  • Improving on Pembrokeshire’s track record as having the best recycling provision in Wales
  • Building a new Library in Haverfordwest.
  • Leading on plans for school improvements throughout the County and brand new schools in Haverfordwest and Milford Haven