We are very keen to recruit more active members in the Preseli-Pembrokeshire Constituency to help us deliver the Labour message.

We are campaigning in anticipation of a snap General Election and need plenty of volunteers from all over our Constituency to join in and campaign with us.

Posters and Signs

Contact us for posters and signs, especially if you have a prominent position, e.g on a main road. By displaying a sign, friends and neighbours will see your pride in supporting Labour and you will make new bonds with similar minded people and know you are not alone.

Leafleting and canvassing

One way to beat the media bias against Labour is by face to face contact.

Join the Labour Party

Join us By joining us, we can respond quickly to issues and call upon our fantastic base of members and supporters. You can join as a full member, or register as a supporter or via your trade union. We can keep you in touch with what’s going on in your local area.

Other ways you can help

There are a range of activities that can be enormously helpful during campaigns that involve different degrees of commitment and energy and some of these are listed below:

If you are interested in getting involved and have any questions, requests or ideas, please contact us.